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Jim Payne was the pilot on the PII The Perlan II flew
Jim Payne was the pilot on the PII. |. The Perlan II flew flawlessly. Headed for Reno area for further testing | Perlan Project
Jim Payne was the pilot on the PII. |. The Perlan II flew flawlessly. Headed for Reno area for… | Flight Test People - Test Pilots, Engineers, ...
Airbus Perlan Mission II pilots Jim Payne (left) and Morgan Sandercock made history in
Lars Bensch | Perlan Project and SFTE member | Flight Test People - Test Pilots, Engineers, and FTEs | Pinterest | Projects, Engineering and Pilot
Jim Payne is the Chief Pilot of the Airbus Perlan Mission II Engineers, Astronaut,
Gary Aldrich, flight test legend
ITPS Canada Bjarni Trygvasson, Astronaut and Instructor Pilot
"August 18, 1913: Happy Birthday to former NASA aerodynamicist John Becker. His
Test & Research Pilots, Flight Test Engineers: Carl Anson Cover 1893-1944,
A-12 (pre SR-71) first flight test pilot LtCol Frank Murray
April Legendary pilot Jimmy Doolittle led sixteen bombers on the first American aerial assault against the Japanese mainland during World War II– known as ...
These photographs are of Test Pilots,Engineers,and various research and production aircraft flown on test flights mostly from the late through to the ...
Test pilot J.B. Brown
The Perlan 2 glider reached 76,100ft thanks to polar winds in El Calafate, Argentina
Miguel Iturmendi is a flight test engineer for Perlan 2. #flighttest
The 12 Men Who Walked on the Moon
Harry Hillaker was the chief designer of the
Aerospace engineer? Alexander Bell Alexander Graham Bell, Science And Technology, Dyslexia, Famous
They died so you could fly off on holiday: The forgotten British jet test pilots who revolutionised flight
Gherman Titov - first man to orbit the earth on 6 August 1961 Space Probe,
Gen "Pete" Frank Kendall Everest, test pilot and aeronautical engineer | Flight Test People - Test Pilots, Engineers, and FTEs | Pinterest | Pilot
Lars Bensch | Perlan Project and SFTE member
@LockheedMartin Test Pilot Tuesday #video #flighttest
Buzz Aldrin is an American U. Air Force pilot and astronaut who took part in the historic Apollo 11 mission, during which he became the second person to ...
The 12 Men Who Walked on the Moon
It gives pilots a potential flight distance, strength and height of the thermals, cumulus clouds and wind over 3 days.
ITPS Canada Geoff Connolly, Helicopter Test Pilot
Andrei Tupolev designed over 100 aircraft, and he was made an honorary member of the AIAA and RAeS
The 12 Men Who Walked on the Moon
Airbus manned glider soars to 76,000 ft to break own altitude record, surpassing even U-2 reconnaissance plane
Mike Melvill
2012 Kelly Johnson award winner from United States Air Force Test Pilot School, David L
Some pictures first. 1. Great clouds on the way “home' from my train on Saturday. 2. Beer with the “guy's”/ glider pilots George, Scott and Colin.
Annemiek by Frans.
The weather improved though still an average looking sky, and pilots could fly when they wanted on day 1 of the year 2017. Dutch pilot Jeroen, flying in ...
'You Cannot Press Pause While You're Flying A Jet': Why Planes
Chilhowee was the place to be,…. but Rick Sheppe who is the director of this new event, had to write a letter to all competitors . Here are parts of it:
Diana 2 with Polish pilot Lucasz in the air. Beautiful “toy”.
【VOA慢速聽力】Powerless Aircraft Sets Altitude Record - 掃文資訊
Ames test pilot Fred Drinkwater, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and Ames project engineer Stu Rolls in front of the Ames Bell airplane being flown by Armstrong ...
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First official flying day at Tswalu. Cloud base estimated 15000 ft with just over 500 km task set. 36 degrees @13h00.
This video highlights the life of NASA astronaut and research test pilot Gordon Fullerton, who compiled a distinguished flying career in air and space ...
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The Perlan Project's Glider Aims for New Heights in Argentina Testing (Video) | Utter Buzz!
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Frank HD2 Frank HD 2
Carlos Rocca Vidal is a “hero” he was the only pilot who finished and flew 534.88 km. in time 4.28.
First official flying day at Tswalu. Cloud base estimated 15000 ft with just over 500 km task set. 36 degrees @13h00.
Jackie Dvorak, Flight Test Engineer
James Collins | Artwork
The X-15 flight crew, left to right: Air Force Captain Joseph H. Engle, Air Force Major Robert A. Rushworth, NASA pilot John B. "Jack" McKay, ...
Last ...
Starting with Chilhowee, where Sarah lately celebrated her birthday …HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH….and the Oktober Fest was in the weekend of the 16th of October, ...
The practice day on December 10 had a 2.30 AAT. During the comps , 2 seaters flew up and down for coaching as well.
Not so lucky with the weather either , but still going till December 21 ,is the National Competition in Welkom. After flying-day 1 and after that 2 scrubbed ...
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Rachael W
Spiti Painting by James Collins
National Aerospace Library Sound Archive (Andy Sephton 'Flying Historical Aircraft')
October 2018, President's Message
zzzzSZD JS1 zzzzSZD Antares
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HMD demo Engineers, Pilots, Iowa
The new JS 3 with brothers Attie and Uys finished on spot 3 [shared with Louis ASG 29, from France] and 5. All scores preliminary and 2 pilots were not ...
The JS 1 C this one is from brother Laurens who flew with a speed of 143 km./h around! Not bad either!
Good old Anders who flew with us as well, has arrived as the 2d long-time-Australia-customer and will fly his ASW 22 'QL' .
Speakers ...
It also shows that there are less good days now world wide and shorter and that a lot of over-seas pilots are back home!
Don't worry ,….this GREAT picture was from yesterday , where they ,by the way, flew a 1000 k. from Cunderdin in WA. This picture shows according to the “ ...
... flown by several pilots [ the 3T by former world champion Wolfgang Janowitch and his mate Andy Lutz has one too] and a few JS 1's and one LS 10.
Flight Test Engineer (FTE) Johnny Armstrong poses in front of the YB58
By the way , the 750 and 1000 km. pilots were en route already, Great skies.
Again several declared FIRST 300 and 500 km. tasks were flown. A few of the happy chappies as shared by Sportaviation. CAMPAI !
Max bui Z happy Edo
Frank HD2 Frank HD 2
Benalla from the air on January 2. Many gliders” home”. courtesy Charlies Towing Adventures [on FB] YES the one from the Ugly Duckie.
Z 1000 record
I counted 20 pilots who entered their flight on the OLC. One 300 km. gold goal-flight was already achieved too, by Tony Carling in the ASW 28/18m.
1200g 1200 gram Go travel in space high altitude balloon
Everyone is glad to get away from the winter conditions up north, and it is a great reunion of the most experienced pilots.”
... pilots from the Edessa Gliding Club at Schempp Hirth to collect their Duo Discus XLT. Good on them and I wish them many great and safe flights in it.
and the 3 Dutch pilots /toppers flying in Club class; Tim Kuijpers who was the Junior World champion in Musbach ,[ here together with Bart Berendsen, ...
... 73 guests flew a total of 129.289,76 km. during 343 flights. They will be busy till Easter and had during the last few weeks several Japanese pilots.
Renowned top level New Zealand glider pilot Justin Wills is to head up the coaching program. Predictions were for warm, settled weather.”
Old friends visiting Tocumwal as Pepe and his Brasilian mate Eduardo Pontes. Ingo and Eduardo had not seen each other for 28 years.